About Us

TSANTILIS company is a family business which was founded in 1919, in the middle of what was then, the commercial center of Athens, with the sale of fabrics as its initial activity.

In 1970, the company makes its first appearance in the field of ready-to-wear clothing. TSANTILIS chooses and creates European style collections, covering all the needs a modern woman may have, with a big variety in styles and designs.

The next five decades, the business achieves a dynamic expansion by creating a wholesale and a broad retail network of privately-owned stores with women’s pret-a-porter clothes and accessories, positioning itself at the best and most 
central locations all over Greece.

 Today, the ready-to-wear and accessories business operates under the name mirina tsantili.The next family generation has come to signify the new era of the company, bringing freshness, ambition and creativity into the family business. True to its motto “There is no future without the past”, the company repositioned itself through the creation of a strong brand new name combining its long heritage with modernity bringing something more unique, qualitative and contemporary into the fashion business.

mirina tsantilishowcases small niche brands which are ethically sourced and have a unique story to tell. We want our clients to be introduced to new styles and brands they might have not seen before; an experience of discovery!